Mountainboard Boardercross Championships 2012–2018 Infographics

Mountainboarding is a tiny sport, but with a strong community of passionate riders. Despite that regular bordercross сhampionships started only six years ago. The organizers of each event act independently, so the results are presented in non-standardized form and I had to spend some time aggregating data in one spreadsheet. Based on that information I made some charts and theses which found interesting.

148 riders participated 452 times in 6 championships

Serbia hosted championships 3 times — 50% of all times

France and Slovenia were the most participated championships – 88 riders took part in each one

1. Riders’ categories

Masters category has tripled in 6 years

Riders from 23 countries took part in championships

2. Number of countries
3. Proportion of countries
4. Average number of participants from country per event (except countries with less than one average rider per event)

21% of all riders were from France

5. Riders from countries (except countries with only one rider)

UK riders turn out to be the most successful team, as well as french rides – there is only 0.02 difference between them

6. Average result per country (except countries with only one rider)

47% of riders participated once

7. Number of participations

Only 8 riders took part in all 6 championships: Arno Van den Veyver, David Hutter, Dieter De Waele, Evgeny Vybornyy, Kody Stewart, Marco Dahler, Matt Brind and Senka Bajic

11 riders from 8 countries won championships

8. Number of championship wins (regardless of category)

Matt Brind won championships 4 times

The next World Mountainboard Boardercross Championship will be back in Serbia on 6–7 September 2019




Quality assurance engineer

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Andrey Enin

Andrey Enin

Quality assurance engineer

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