How I tried to add TRX to MetaMask wallet

My first dive into cryptocurrency revealed the pitfalls that are difficult to suspect until you encounter it.

Andrey Enin
5 min readApr 1, 2022


What I had at the beginning:

Why MetaMask?

But reality was not so easy, as for USDT (Tether) and especially for TRX (Tronix).

Why did I decide to transfer currency from a cryptocurrency exchange into a wallet?

  1. Your assets in the exchange are just rows in a database, not a real assets;
  2. Your assets in the exchange are stored in a custodial wallet, that means a third party (the exchange) has access to your account — you must be 100% confident on the reliability of the cryptocurrency exchange;
  3. No matter how reliable the exchange is, you never know what might come from a big regulators’ side (bans on transfers for certain citizens or disabling certain banks).

When you decide to withdraw crypto from Binance you’ll see the select «Network» where is a list of networks indicating the amount of the commission:

Binance network fees for USDT

To transfer USDT by ETH (Ethereum) costs 10 USDT per transaction — it is too expensive, while transfer by TRX or BSB is around 1 USDT.

Because I already had prepared TRX tokens, it would be convenient for me to make a transaction by choosing this network (Tron). But there are no networks in MetaMask, which support transfer by BSB or TRX — only ETH by Ethereum Main Network.

After a few dozen minutes of lurking through the Internet I found out that TRON blockchain is not supported by MetaMask, but it is possible to add manually Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a workaround.

My initial idea was to have USDT as a payment currency and TRX as a transport (a currency for transaction fees), but it failed at the start. Despite everything, I still decided to check how to transfer TRX tokens through BSC to MetaMask.

Add BSC (BEP20) Network to MetaMask

There is a detailed instruction on how to add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask in a browser extension. If you have the app (as I did), it is almost the same:

1. Go to: Settings > Networks > [Add Network]

2. Fill the form for «New RPC Network»:

New RPC Network

3. [Add] new network

4. Tap on the «Wallet» and choose network: Binance Smart Chain.

Binance Smart Chain in network list

Now you are able to test receiving tokens through this network.

Wallet with Binance Smart Chain network

2. Add TRX tokens to MetaMask

Before transferring the real TRX tokens, you need to add this kind of tokens to MetaMask:

  1. Select [Import Tokens] in you account;
  2. Fill the form for «Custom Token»:
  • Token Address: contract address can be obtained from the CoinMarketCap:
TRON contract address from CoinMarketCap
  • Token Symbol and Token of Precision will automatically be filled in:
Autofilled fields for custom token

After import you will get TRX token into your wallet:

Wallet with custom tokens

3. Withdraw TRX tokens from Binance to MetaMask

The last step is to withdraw TRX from Binance to MetaMask wallet:

Withdray from Binance
  • Address: your MetaMask’s public address;
  • Network: BSC — it will be the only choice, because other networks will be removed if they are unmatched with your address:
Binance network fees for TRX

After withdraw you will get your TRX tokens into your wallet in less than a few minutes:

USDT tokens could be transferred by the same way (by BSC network).

And one more pitfall…

I immediately decided to check how are transferable TRX tokens from MetaMask to another wallet: inside the wallet selected TRX > Send, and on the «Sent to» screen I saw that there is only one type of tokens to transfer — BNB — default token for BSC network:

Only BNB can be sent via Binance Smart Chain

At least, you can add TRX tokens to MetaMask, but for sending them from MetaMask, you have to convert (swap) them to another tokens. And for swapping you will need more tokens for the fees.

Then I thought that maybe the functionality in the application is limited and there are more options in the browser extension. I chose Firefox’s extension, imported my existing account and saw 0 TRX tokens. It turns out that to connect the app and the extension you had to make a «Sync with mobile», but it does not work:

Mobile Sync is disabled in MetaMask

So, your MetaMask wallet is rigidly tied to the app on the phone (or to the extension in the browser).


  • If you are a noobie in crypto, be prepared for the unexpected WTFs;
  • If your friend said that it is easy, be prepared that it is not;
  • Maybe you should choose another crypto wallet (Exodus or Trust Wallet are works with TRX «out of the box»), then you would not have faced all these difficulties.

But I learned a lot:



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