Brief Comparison of Responses in Postman

Moreover, if you don’t need to look for differences and just want to get YES (they are the same) or NO (they are not) — Postman is a way to do that.

Let’s assume that you have a REST API with success code = 200 OK (I took for example one handler of SpaceX REST API) and the response comes in JSON format.


For the first request in the Test tab you need:

  • Save response data into a variable.
pm.test("Status is OK", function () {;});let jsonData = pm.response.json();pm.globals.set("response", jsonData);

For the second request in the Test tab you need:

  • Get previous response data from a variable;
  • Compare current response data with the previous one. I use deep-eql Chai assert for comparing objects.
pm.test("Status is OK", function () {;});let jsonData = pm.response.json();let firstResponse = pm.globals.get("response");pm.test("Responses are equal", function () {    pm.expect(jsonData).to.deep.equal(firstResponse);});

In the case of a FAIL test you have two different data.

For more detailed research of the cause of the failure or the place of data discrepancy you’ll need a more advanced test script or a different tool.




Quality assurance engineer

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Andrey Enin

Andrey Enin

Quality assurance engineer

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